Sabtu, 24 Januari 2015

The implant may collagen or restylane

It cant help that speculation about Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery then buffeted her life. This woman is really perfect whenever you see her appearance. Having very pretty face with sexy and slim body makes her looks so perfect and as an Angel too. She even the most famous singer among the member and people knows her more than the other band mates. But of course having that perfect looks also makes her rumored having plastic surgery too.
Its been a long time that Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery being a speculation among many people. Many says that  she looks so perfect with the help of plastic surgery. But many also assumed that this woman who was born on n May 30, 1990, in Seoul, South Korea and  made her debut as an actress in the 2007 drama, Two Outs in the Ninth Inning is naturally beauty. Those who believe that the actress having plastic surgery showing her before and after picture which is being the proof. The plastic surgery procedures that was accused to her such as:
Nose job
The nose job is the first procedure that was accused to her. Whenever seeing her before and after picture, seems that her nose actually isn’t sharp as today. She used to have flat nose with wide nostril too. But after the time being, her nose changed bit drastically. The nostril looks smaller and getting cramped too. The looks of her nose also looks very straight with defined nasal bone than before that strengthens the speculation about this nose procedure.
Jaw line surgery
The actress may also get the jaw line surgery by placing implant there. The implant may collagen or restylane that makes the jaw line looks more structured, defined and refined. She used to has bit round face with shorter jaws too. But recently, the jaw line looks longer and it makes her face getting oval too.